7 Ways to Make Money from Instagram

In this post we will discuss 7 awesome ways to make money from Instagram. You can make passive income if you follow the exact same methods that we provide.

1. Promotions

make money from instagram promotions
Make Money from Instagram Promotions

You can make a decent amount of money from promotions, for this make sure you provide an easy way for users to contact you, you can do this by providing your Gmail in your Instagram highlights which is in your profile or write in your bio as “DM for promotion”.

If you don’t provide Gmail info then people will send you direct messages but you will miss many clients, as they won’t send you dms.

When you are beginning the best practice is instead of waiting for getting promotions, try to find people who are interested in promotions.

You can do this by following methods:

  1. Make your instagram page appear in our website, for this send your instagram id to our mail: contactbharathbhat@gmail.com we will review your page and inform you if you are eligible or just send a direct message in our facebook messenger, for that go to our service page then select the blue icon on right bottom side .
  2. Sending DMs on instagram.
  3. E-Mail Marketing.
  4. Promoting your new page in other popular instagram pages, you can also find them on our website.

2. Affiliate Marketing

In simple words affiliate marketing means promoting others products or services where you get commission when people purchase it.

One of the popular ones are Amazon Associate Program, Clickbank, digistore24 etc.

Amazon gives you 2-9% commission when someone purchases a product from your affiliate link.

affiliate marketing on instagram
Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

How to start affiliate Marketing on instagram?

First choose a niche (niche is a topic or category or a field), it can be dogs, gadgets, tech, home decoration etc. There are also Micro niches, micro niches are even more deeper, for example if a dog is a niche then dog food, dog belts, dog dresses these all are micro niches.

If you are using instagram to do affiliate marketing then we suggest going with niche rather than micro niche because you can get lots of products to promote in niche rather than on micro niche. But if you are planning to do affiliate marketing by creating a website and if you are an individual working on this, then it’s better to go with a micro niche.

Step 1:

Plan and select which instagram page you should create. As you know, like facebook there is nothing called a page in instagram but we call an instagram account as a page. So create an additional instagram account.

Step 2:

Join the Amazon affiliate program here. There are a lot of details to be filled in, so you can watch the video below.

Step 3:

Start Posting Photos, Reels and videos on your page. You cannot add links in your posts on instagram, but you can add links in your stories then you can pin these stories in your highlights so that they will appear in your profile.

Pro Tip: If you can’t post everyday then use Facebook Creator Studio to schedule your posts on instagram, so that your posts will be automatically posted on specific date and time as you setted it. Facebook creator studio is officially made by Facebook, to schedule posts first you need to connect your instagram account to a facebook page:

Step 1:

Create a Facebook Page

Step 2:

Go to settings then go to Instagram then click on connect with instagram there enter your instagram login details.

Step 3:

Go to Facebook Creator studio, from there you can schedule your posts.

3. Services

Providing services is one of the best ways to make money on Instagram. You can provide services like web development or email marketing services or services like online animation software, video editing software where you can create monthly and yearly pricing plans.

providing services on instagram
Providing services on Instagram

There are many services which you can offer, you can check the list below:

Logo Design & Branding:Logo Design, Brand Style Guides, Business Cards & Stationery
Illustration, Art & editing:Illustration, NFT ArtNEW, Pattern Design, Portraits & Caricatures, Cartoons & Comics, Tattoo Design, Storyboards, Photoshop Editing, Presentation Design, Infographic Design, Vector Tracing, Resume Design
Web & App Design:Website Design, App Design, UX Design, Landing Page Design, Email Design, Icon Design
Architecture & Building design:Architecture & Interior Design, Landscape Design, Building Engineering, Building Information Modelling
Printing Service:Flyer Design, Brochure Design, Signage Design, Poster Design, Catalogue Design, Menu Design, Postcard Design, Invitation Design
Character & Product design:Industrial & Product Design, Character Modelling, Trade Booth Design
Translation & Writing:Articles & Blog Posts, Translation, Proofreading & Editing, Resume Writing, Cover Letters, Book & eBook Writing, Book Editing, Scriptwriting, Podcast Writing, Brand Voice & Tone, UX Writing, Speechwriting, eLearning Content Development, Technical Writing, Job Descriptions, White PapersProduct Descriptions, Press Releases, Transcripts
Video & Animation:Whiteboard & Animated Explainer videos, Video Editing, Visual Effects, Subtitles & Captions, Lyric & Music Videos, Character Animation, Logo Animation, Animation for Kids, Lottie & Website Animation, Corporate Videos, Intros & Outros, Animated GIFs, Short Video Ads, 3D Product Animation, E-Commerce Product Videos, Spokesperson VideosCrowdfunding Videos, Unboxing Videos, App & Website Previews, Animation for Streamers, eLearning Video Production
Music & Audio service:Voice Over, Producers & Composers, Singers & Vocalists, Mixing & Mastering, Session Musicians, Online Music Lessons, Podcast Editing, Songwriters, Beat Making, Audiobook Production, Audio Ads Production, Sound Design
Programming & Tech:Website Builders & CMS, WordPress, Game Development, Development for Streamers, Web Programming, E-Commerce Development, Mobile Apps, Desktop Applications, Chatbots, Support & IT, Online Coding Lessons, Cybersecurity & Data Protection, Get Your Website in a Few Steps, Electronics Engineering, Convert Files, User Testing, QA & Review, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Databases, Data Processing, Data Engineering, Data Science
List of services that you can provide on instagram

4. Selling Products

You can sell products on Instagram. It’s not necessary that you should have your own products, you can sell others products and make a commission from them. You can set up an Instagram shop where you can tag the products on your posts, so that when the users click on the products they can purchase it from your website.

sell products on instagram
Sell products on Instagram

If your Instagram account is fashion or beauty related then you can sell products like dresses, jeans, shoes etc and also sell beauty products like lipstick.

You can use Instagram shop to tag products.

5. Coaching

You can start your own coaching course on instagram. It can be any type of coaching that you are expert in. Example weight loss, health & fitness, social media marketing coach, digital marketing coaching etc.

coaching on instagram
Coaching on Instagram

You can add links in your instagram profile and add links in stories then pin those stories to your highlights so that they appear on your profile and people can easily find it.

The better option is adding a Book Now button in your profile.

6. Brand Deals

You can work with brands, for example you can place ads that the brands provide and depending on the number of clicks they pay you.

brand deals on instagram
Brand deals on Instagram

Don’t wait for brands to contact you because it will never happen if you have a small following because they will not be able to even find you as instagram is a huge platform. Instead contact brands yourself, they must have provided their gmail id in their instagram account if not then visit their website, then from their go to contact us page if none of these options are available then you have only option to send direct message on instagram.

But chances are less that these big brands are going to see your message.

Don’t rely on 1 brand instead be in touch with more than 10 brands to 10x your income or as a backup.

7. Sell your photos

If you are a good photographer, digital illustrator or photoshop editor then you can sell your photos as stock photos.

sell photos on instagram
Sell photos on Instagram

You can keep a reasonable price depending on how hard it is to create the artwork.

You can use the instagram shop feature to tag your artworks as products.

Now you have to decide how good your artworks are according to your experiences with people, so in this case just keep posting good quality content.

We recommend creating a website by yourself for your stock photos, so that users can easily make the payment, and you can keep the full revenue.

If you use other websites to sell your photos then they will keep some commission.

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