52 Week Money Challenge to save $5000 in 2022

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Here is the 52 Week Money Challenge to save $5000 in 2022.


$5,000 is a huge load of cash. Couldn’t it be great to have that additional sum sitting in your financial balance to safeguard you against life’s startling occasions? Whatever your monetary objectives, this cash saving test can get you there quicker.

Envision having $5,000 sitting in your financial balance around this time one year from now.

Couldn’t it be great to have that to safeguard you against life’s surprising occasions? Ponder how much better you’d rest realizing that you don’t need to venture into the red assuming your vehicle stalls or you need to go to the clinic.

As indicated by a 2016 overview by the American Psychological Association, cash is the main source of pressure among Americans.[1]

Setting aside cash can be a test, particularly when you’re really buckling down to take care of the bills. Nowadays, saving a few thousand dollars seems like an unrealistic fantasy.

Enter: The 52-Week Money Challenge to save $5,000 – complete with a printable format.

What Is the 52-Week Money Challenge?

The 52-Week Money Challenge is a reserve funds plan intended to assist you with setting aside $5,000 before the year’s over. This test – and others like it – have assisted a great many individuals with setting aside more cash than they at any point expected.

The standards are basic. There are 52 weeks in a year, correct? You want to take care of a touch of cash every week, expanding the sum as you come, then, at that point, diminishing, then, at that point, expanding once more. You can place the cash in a container or in a stash – it’s dependent upon you.

With this test, you set aside $25 for the principal week. The next week you save $45, and afterward $65 the third week. Your investment funds objective shifts from multi week to another, with the most minimal at $25 and the most noteworthy coming to $155.

$155 out of a multi week?!

Try not to be deterred – this is absolutely feasible, regardless of whether it seems like a remote chance! When you arrive at your first $155 week, you’ll be 10 weeks into the test.

By then, at that point, you’ll have acquired sufficient force to where it shouldn’t be an issue to expand your reserve funds, regardless of whether you meet the full $155.

The objective of the cash saving test is to assist you with growing better cash practices and start a habit of saving money – something that will help you for the remainder of your life.

52-Week Money Challenge Printable Chart

To begin, download the 52-Week Money Challenge printable diagram and use it as a format to delineate your excursion to save $5,000 in one year.

Best Uses for a 52-Week Money Challenge

Everybody can profit from setting aside some additional cash, regardless of whether it’s for a rainy day account or an extravagant excursion. Notwithstanding, there are a couple of gatherings for whom the Money Saving Challenge can be particularly gainful.

Saving for a special occasion or a major goal

Would you like to take your family for a seven days in length excursion to the Bahamas? What about putting away your cash to begin an internet based business? Objectives like these frequently require a huge lump of cash that could appear to be far off, yet, with a $5,000 investment funds challenge, are feasible.

saving money for special occasion like wedding

Here are other significant investment funds objectives that get more straightforward to accomplish with a test like this one:

  • Wedding
  • Purchasing a wedding band
  • Putting something aside for a vehicle
  • Putting something aside for an initial installment on a house
  • Returning to school

Assuming you have huge financial goals at the top of the priority list, this challenge can assist you with setting aside the cash you want quicker.

Accelerating your debt payoff

Accelerate your debt payoff

Assuming you are currently taking care of obligations, utilizing an investment funds plan like this one – however at that point quickly applying your investment funds to your obligation adjusts – is an extraordinary method for chip away at your debt faster than simply paying the essentials every month.

Other Variations of the 52-Week Challenge

It’s one thing to attempt a reserve funds technique. It’s something else to adhere to. While the 52-Week Challenge does some amazing things for some individuals, there are conditions that might make it harder for you to remain focused on the arrangement.

Assuming you feel that the standard 52-Week Challenge is definitely not ideal for you, remember that there are different varieties of the test that could offer you a superior likelihood of coming out on top.

52-Week Money Challenge (Bi-weekly)

Assuming you battle to set aside cash consistently when the check just comes at regular intervals, attempt the 52-Week Money Challenge Biweekly Schedule. By setting aside cash like clockwork you’ll have to save a greater piece at a time, but it might turn out to be more straightforward for you over the long haul.

The Mini Version (for Smaller Goals)

In the event that the standard test doesn’t work for you, perhaps the scaled down variant will do. The guidelines are something similar, yet rather than saving the first sum, save half of that sum consistently all things being equal. Thus, setting aside won’t present a very remarkable monetary weight for yourself and won’t think twice about monetary necessities consistently.

The conspicuous downside of doing the smaller than usual test, obviously, is that you’ll simply have the option to save half of your unique $5,000 target. Indeed, even as yet, saving $2,500 before the year’s over is no little accomplishment!

Keep in mind, by the day’s end, the significant thing isn’t the manner by which you are setting aside cash, yet that you are setting aside cash.

Money-Saving Ideas to Help You “Win” the Challenge

As things become somewhat harder all through the test, you really must follow a portion of the core values in setting aside cash. Very much like with proficient competitors who follow explicit exercise schedules or adhere to an eating routine to arrive at their objectives, you need to follow a few accepted procedures to “win.”

Money Saving Ideas

Here are some ways to save cash that can assist you with accomplishing your $5,000 objective by year-end.

Make it part of your budget

In spite of mainstream thinking, adhering to a spending plan shouldn’t be prohibitive. Try to make your spending plan work for you, not the reverse way around.

Making a spending plan doesn’t need to be troublesome. You can utilize pen and paper, an Excel sheet, or an undeniable planning program – anything that framework works for you. Interestingly, you make an arrangement for your cash, then, at that point, check in much of the time to ensure you’re adhering to it.

Pick up a side hustle

There are incalculable ways to make money assuming that you know where to look.

side hustle

List of side hustles:

  1. Teaching an online course in your free time.
  2. Selling digital products.
  3. Selling your own handmade products like crafts.
  4. Working as a freelancer.
  5. Create designs for print on demand business.
  6. Become a content writer.
  7. Start a YouTube channel.

They won’t make you a tycoon short-term; yet assuming you can observe the gigs that work for yourself and stick to them, you can acquire additional cash to put toward your investment funds objectives. To sort out which side hustle you should seek after, take stock of your abilities. What would you be able to offer that somebody will pay you for?

From that point, everything revolves around making your proposition and observing the ideal individuals who need what you’re selling.

Cut out wasteful spending

We as a whole have areas of expenditure where we could likely improve, regardless of whether it’s eating out or purchasing a couple of such a large number of sets of shoes. Scaling back doesn’t mean you can’t burn through cash around there, it simply implies being deliberate with regards to putting your cash toward the things that make a difference to you.

cutout wasteful spending

Luckily, here you can utilize innovation for your potential benefit. The Trim app, for example, investigates your spending and calls attention to regions where you can set aside cash. It can drop unused memberships, offer functional counsel on how you can set aside more cash, and even arrange your Comcast bills for you, among other cool elements.

Where to store your savings

While you are working on your reserve funds challenge, you’ll require a protected spot to store your cash over time.

safe and high interest rate bank

Assuming you need simple admittance to your cash, opening a high return online bank account is a shrewd decision. Prior to opening a record anyplace, ensure you are getting a competitive interest rate. Most internet based banks offer loan fees of 1.50% or more – that is north of 15 times higher than whatever is generally presented by conventional banks.

On the off chance that you don’t plan to contact your reserve funds for quite some time (or longer), think about putting it on the lookout. Speculations can go all over in esteem, so possibly pick this choice assuming that you are alright with facing some additional gamble. The advantage of putting your cash in the market is that, over the long haul, stocks have returned a normal of around 10% every year. These apps are best for beginner investors.

Consistency Is Key with the 52-Week Money Saving Challenge

Just like the case with most endeavors, consistency is key with regards to saving.

consistency is key with regards to saving

You may be the most energetic individual with regards to setting aside cash toward the beginning of the year; however that energy will turn out to mean nothing on the off chance that you don’t keep up with that consistency all through the sum of the 52-Week Money Saving Challenge.

Eventually, everything no doubt revolves around fostering the right propensities and encouraging a development mentality.

To be steady with your 52-week investment funds plan, you need to zero in on the easily overlooked details, knowing in your brain and stomach that these will prompt something greater. From doing various side positions, to taking care of a touch of cash for a stormy day, to stopping yourself from buying that sparkly trinket you don’t actually require – everything adds up.

By watching out for the prize and forestalling whatever number of mistakes as would be prudent, there will come when you don’t need to go through 52-week challenges any longer since saving will come so normally to you, you will not need to consider it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How to cut out wasteful spending?

Stop paying for recurring charges, monthly unused or rarely used subscriptions. Try to do things more efficiently.

List of side hustles?

Teaching an online course in your free time, selling digital products, selling your own handmade products like crafts, working as a freelancer, creating designs for print on demand business, becoming a content writer, and starting a YouTube channel.

How to accelerate the debt payoff?

Stop paying for useless things, control your mind to decrease your wants.

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