40 Best Food Truck Business Ideas

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Starting a food truck business is a highly profitable business idea. There are such a lot of things to assume about, from the menu to the promoting strategy.

How much money an average food truck makes per month?

On an average food trucks make $20,000 to $42,000 per month.

How much money an average food truck makes per year?

On an average food trucks make $240,000 to $504,000 per year.

40 Best Food Truck Business Ideas:

1. Sushi Rolls Freshly Prepared Food Truck

Price of 1 Sushi roll = $12 to $15

Considering $12 per roll, for 65 Customers you will make $780 /day which is $23,400 /month.

Sushi Rolls Freshly Prepared Food Truck Business idea

Entrepreneurs  interested in the food truck industry might consider starting a food truck with fresh sushi rolls as another thriving and profitable food truck business idea. the United States.

2. Organic Food Truck Business

Organic Food Examples: Fruits & Vegetable items, grains, dairy products etc.

Organic Food Truck Business

Aspiring marketers have to recollect the beginning of a natural meals truck commercial enterprise as every other meals truck-associated commercial enterprise idea. The growing focus of wholesome dwelling has brought about plenty of human beings selecting natural meals over non-natural meals due to the fitness blessings they stand to gain.

The reality is that in case you open a natural meals store, you’ll probably make extra money than folks who promote non-natural meals. Organic meals taste better, and it incorporates greater vitamins than traditional meals.

3. Burger Food Truck

Price of 1 Burger = $2.50 to $2.65

Burger Food Truck Business idea

If you decide to start a burger service food truck business, you can attract a lot of customers because people love burgers for dinner or lunch, and also late-night snacks. It’s also easy to customize these foods. Finally, specialty burgers like American, vegan,  fusion and Asian-inspired burgers appeal to an even broader range of customers and set the food truck apart from the crowd.

4. Crepes Food Truck

Price of 1 Crepes = $5 to $7

Crepes Food Truck Business idea

Crêpes are a type of French dessert made with flour, eggs and milk and served with sweets. It gets tastier with the combination of feathered butter, chocolate sauce, and banana waffles. Ingredients are not too expensive, resulting in a high profit margin for this food truck business idea.

5. Sushi & Bento box

Price of 1 Sushi Bento box = $5.97 to $23.99

Sushi & Bento box Business idea

Sushi has exploded in popularity and has become one of the most famous dishes in the world over the last century. Nowadays, sushi restaurants are as easy to find as popular fast-food joints, especially in the United States, where there are more than 4,000 sushi restaurants in all! Plus, you don’t need a lot of employees to run a sushi and bento box food truck business. A few is more than enough as these stoves require more assembly than cooking.

6. Shawarma Food Truck Business

Price of 1 Shawarma = $6.99 to $9.99

Shawarma Food Truck Business

A food truck that only serves shawarma, soda and drinks is  another niche in the food truck industry. Shawarma is a fast food dish that can be made into a sandwich wrapped in bread or pita. Shawarma preparation  includes vegetables such as tomato, cabbage, onion, cucumber, lettuce, eggplant, rhubarb, pickles etc.

It is a Middle Eastern Levantine meat preparation  in which turkey, lamb, chicken, buffalo, veal or mixed meats are placed on a vertical skewer in a restaurant.

7. The Sandwich Food Truck Business

Price of 1 Sandwich = $4.39 to $6.49

The Sandwich Food Truck Business

Start a food truck serving sandwiches and drinks if you are interested in starting a food truck related business. high-fat diet. If you want to be successful in this industry, you have to come up with a unique sandwich menu.

8. Gourmet Popcorn Food Truck Business

Price of 1 Gourmet Popcorn = $4 to $22.90

Gourmet Popcorn Food Truck Business

The gourmet Popcorn Food Truck business could be a nice chance for aspiring entrepreneurs. This type of truck offers a simple way to get your food business up and running, and it’s good for people who love popcorn!

There are many various ways to make gourmet popcorn, so you’ll create a menu that suits your taste.

9. Mobile Juice Truck Business

Price of 1 Orange Juice = $2 to $5

Mobile Juice Truck Business

An Interested entrepreneur can start a mobile juice truck business. Mobile juice trucks can be found wherever people live.

You can place your Mobile juice trucks around parks, campgrounds, event centers, stadiums, or anywhere there are lots of people.

When you have a mobile juice truck business,  you  have no restrictions on where you can sell your juice.

10. Mobile Cafe

Price of 1 Coffee = $1.1 to $2

Mobile Cafe Business idea

A mobile cafe is another food truck business  open to aspiring entrepreneurs. In a mobile coffee cart you will find different types of coffee drinks, such as espresso, cappuccino, decaffeinated coffee, iced coffee, coffee with milk, flavored coffee, etc.

11. Shaved Ice Trucking Business

Price of Shaved Ice Cup Burger = $3 to $5

Shaved Ice Trucking Business

Having shaved ice is another thriving and profitable food truck business for aspiring entrepreneurs to start. Shaved or shredded ice desserts are popular in the United States and Canada, and are often served in conical paper or plastic cups in a variety of flavours. a scoop of vanilla ice cream and azuki bean paste in the background. They are usually flavored with local fruits and vegetables such as guava, pineapple, coconut cream, passion fruit, lychees, kiwis and mangoes.

12. BBQ Food Truck Business

Price of Chicken = $8.99

Price of Ribs = $19.99

Price of Brisket = $8.49

BBQ Food Truck Business

When you start a barbecue food truck business, you can hardly go wrong. Many people eat grilled food, especially when they can reach it. BBQ Food Trucks typically sell beef, chicken, turkey, bacon, pork, fish, and canned goods. Beef. Approximately 2.5 billion people are served by food trucks, shopping carts and other portable food kiosks every day.

If you want to start a food truck business,  you should start a BBQ food truck business.

13. Kombucha Drink Trucking Business

Price of 1 Kombucha Drink = $3 to $5

Kombucha Drink Trucking Business

Start a Kombucha drinks business if you want to start a food truck business. Kombucha is a variety of sweetened, slightly fizzy, fermented black or green tea beverages that are commonly used as functional beverages for their recognized health benefits.

14. Hot Dog Food Trucking Business

Price of 1 Hot Dog = $3.10 to $3.69

Hot Dog Food Trucking Business

Another food trucking business that associate aspiring entrepreneurs will begin while not breaking the bank is the hot dog and sausage food trucking business.

These food trucks primarily produce hot dogs and sausages or a combination of animal offal and sell them to customers throughout their route.

15. Vegetarian Food Truck Business

Vegetarian Food Truck Business

When it comes to starting a food truck business, you have an opportunity to start a strictly vegan business. Different people prefer different types of foods which is why custom food trucks are required to meet their needs. Vegetarians are those who do not eat fish or meat, they only consume vegetables, fruits and grains.

16. Fast Food Truck Business

Fast Food Truck Business

The Fast Food Truck Shop is one of the most popular food truck shops in your area. The food truck concept is best described as fast food. Foods that are easy to prepare, pack and eat on the go.

If you are willing to start a food truck business then one of the best options is to get into the fast food truck industry because you are just beginning, and slowly you can go for other truck businesses.

17. Ice Cream Truck Business

Price of 1 Cone Ice Cream = $2.75 to $11.39

Ice Cream Truck Business

Ice cream trucks are another popular food truck business that aspiring entrepreneurs should consider. Ever since the invention of freezers, and refrigerators ice cream has been available in all parts of the world including Iceland and  the polar countries for many years.

With almost everyone on our planet consuming ice cream as dessert, anyone who decides to open an ice cream truck business  in any part of the world, especially in tropical regions, is sure to get good  returns on their investment provided  they do the right thing when it comes to  running the business effectively.

18. Snacks and Drinks Food Truck Business

Price of 1 Meal = $4 to $8

Snacks and Drinks Food Truck Business

A food truck that sells drinks and snacks is another good food truck business idea that is open to everyone. A drink and snack food truck can sell a wide range of soft drinks, snacks and beverages. If you’re thinking of starting a food truck business, you can focus on  snacks and beverages.

19. Chinese Food Truck Business

Price of 1 Burger = $7.25

Chinese Food Truck Business

A Chinese Food Truck Business is a unique food truck business that can be started from any corner of the world. Whether you live in the United States or other countries, you’ll find that Chinese food ranks among the top earners each year and rarely goes out of style. It is not necessary to be Chinese before starting a Chinese food truck business. Even in the United States of America, you can learn how to cook Chinese food at the standard  catering schools.

20. Dessert Food Truck Business

Price of 1 Pies = $5.12

Dessert Food Truck Business

Start a dessert food truck business if you are considering starting a business in the food truck industry. Dessert catering is a sub-sector of the catering industry made up of companies that provide custom catering services for events. When your food is well prepared and you work with outdoor event planners, you won’t have a problem generating revenue from the business.

21. French Fries Food Truck Business

Price of 1 French Fries = $1 to $4

French Fries Food Truck Business

Another niche market that an aspiring entrepreneur  in the food trucking industry can successfully tap into is potato chips. Potato chips business is part of the snack food manufacturing industry and salted nuts, popcorn, nut butters, and other related snack foods.

So if you’re considering starting a food truck business, consider opening a food truck that serves french fries and their side dishes.

22. Italian Ice Food Truck Business

Price of 1 Meal = $2

Italian Ice Food Truck Business

Food trucks serving Italian ice cream are another lucrative niche market. There is a lot of growth in the Italian ice cream parlor and ice cream franchise industry, of which Italian Ice is a part. It’s still evolving, as are many dessert makers. They bring creativity in terms of taste, packaging and sales methods.

23. Mexican Food Truck Business

Price of 1 Chicken Asado = $2.23

Mexican Food Truck Business

The Mexican food truck business is another profitable niche  in the food truck industry, particularly in the United States. There are Mexican food trucks that prepare and sell Mexican food to their customers.

One of the best options for Mexicans living in the United States and looking to earn income is to open a Mexican food truck. If you can open a Mexican food truck in the United States, your customers will not only be Mexicans, but everyone in the area who enjoys discovering.

24. Seafood Food Truck Business

Price of 1 American Fish = $3.45 to $3.49

Seafood Food Truck Business

There are many people  willing to pay more to buy and eat seafood, especially when they see a food truck selling seafood. Seafood can be boiled, fried, grilled or grilled and once done right… with spices it tastes great, especially when consumed with a  bottle of cold beverage. So if you are thinking of starting a food truck business,  consider starting a seafood truck business.

25. Lobster Roll Food Truck

Price of 1 Lobster Roll = $30 to $40

Lobster Roll Food Truck Business idea

Lobster rolls are also super easy to make. All you have to do is make a lobster salad and stuff it into the buns. The salad can be made ahead of time, so all you  have to do is assemble the rolls in the food truck instead of cooking them when an order comes in. It also means no fancy or expensive equipment is needed to make a delicious lobster roll. All you need is a refrigerator to store the salad, a cast-iron skillet, and a stovetop or grill to heat the buns.

26. Vegan Food Truck

Vegan Food Truck Business idea

Vegan dishes are having a huge impact on the food industry. These trucks have to serve mostly plant-based foods. The health factor can make them attractive to the lunch crowd in trendy areas.

27. Waffle truck

Price of 1 Lobster Roll = $3.05 to $4.05

Waffle truck Business idea

Offer this dish on a stick or in a paper cup for easy portability and add toppings like cream cheese, whipped cream, sprinkles etc.

28. Fried Chicken Truck

Price of Chicken Tenders for 12 Pieces = $12.99

Fried Chicken Truck Business idea

Offer Chicken legs, tenders and other other portable options with lots of sauce options.

29. Canine Food Truck

Canine Food Truck Business idea

If you love animals, start a business selling treats in places popular with animal lovers, such as in dog parks.

30. Farmer’s Market Food Truck

Farmer’s Market Food Truck Business idea

This food truck is unique because you are going to sell fresh food items directly from local farmers to customers.

31. Pork Truck

Price of Pork Ribs = $10 to $19

Pork Truck Business idea

Pork comes in countless forms that are easy to sell on the go. Think about pork ribs, pulled pork sliders or anything with bacon.

32. Donut Truck

Price of 1 Donut = $0.99

Donut Truck Business idea

Donuts are popular during morning hours as they are mostly consumed at breakfast. But you can sell this at any time.

33. Community Kitchen

Community Kitchen Business idea

A community kitchen can serve locally sourced dishes and focus on underserved areas or those making a difference in the community.

34. Cheese Themed Food Truck

Price of 1 Cheese Burger = $2.79

Cheese Themed Food Truck Business idea

If you want to offer a different menu of items then choose a theme like cheese. Think about grilled cheese, fried cheese sticks, mac and cheese, etc.

35. Cupcake Truck

Price of 1 Cupcake = $3 to $5

Cupcake Truck Business idea

Cupcakes are a classic and easy-to-carry dessert. Offer them in areas with lots of restaurants or food streets so you can catch people who are looking for sweet treats.

36. Carnival Concession Trucks

Carnival Concession Trucks Business idea

Food stalls selling funnel cakes, ice cream cones and similar goodies are particularly popular at carnivals and similar events.

37. Pizza Truck

Price of 1 Medium size Pepperoni (Pan Pizza) = $11.99

Pizza Truck Business idea

If you are starting your pizza truck then remember to keep it unique from already existing big pizza brands like pizza hut, Domino’s, Little Caesars Pizza etc. Also keep the prices cheaper than these companies. And offer pizza slices for a crowd pleasing treat.

38. Kabob Truck

Price of 1 Cheese Kebab Only = $5.99

Price of 1 Cheese Kebab Plate = $11.99

Kabob Truck Business idea

Kabobs include different varieties of veggies and meat. And these are sold on a stick, making them easily consumable and portable.

39. Hot Beverage Stand

Price of 1 Hot Chocolate (Small) = $1.99

Price of 1 Hot Chocolate (Medium) = $2.49

Price of 1 Hot Chocolate (Large) = $2.99

Price of 1 Hot Chocolate (Extra Large) = $3.29

Hot Beverage Stand Business idea

In areas with lots of winter activities, open a truck selling hot chocolate, tea and other warm-up options.

40. Dinner and Drinks Food Truck

Price of Drinks = $5 to $15

Dinner and Drinks Food Truck Business idea

If you are located in an area with a lot of nightlife or nighttime foot traffic, offer classic dining options and also apply for an alcohol license to  serve drinks. Some states may have laws against it. Therefore, you may need a private location.

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