28 Best Painting Related Business Ideas

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Are you a painter who graduated from art school or a talented painter and want to make a career out of your talent for painting? Various painting-related business ideas are suitable for you. Launching any of the painting-related business ideas can bring you  creative satisfaction while making good profits.

How much can you make from Painting Businesses?

With average skills you can make $25,000 to $40,000 annually. And with professional skills you can make more than $50,000 annually.

In addition to painting skills, you need business acumen to be successful in any of the painting-related business ideas. You must be both creative, innovative and punctual to be successful with painting related business ideas.

These companies need your artistic talent and ability to deliver the related product or service on time and with excellent quality.

28 Best Painting-Related Business Ideas

1. Interior Decoration

💰 Average Annual Income: $46,000 /year

Interior Decoration

Interior decoration is a lucrative business related to painting. Typically, offices and homeowners hire interior designers to beautify the place. Your artistic quality will give you an edge in this print-related business. Good contacts, especially with architecture and engineering offices, construction companies, as well as online and offline marketing will bring you more business.

2. Furniture Painting

💰 Average Annual Income: $21,000 to $30,000 /year

Furniture Painting

Lacquering furniture and applying special touch-ups is also a profitable painting-related business idea. You can start this business from  home if there is space. Or rent a small shop. Painting at the customer’s home is also an option. Online and offline marketing and promotion of your services are necessary for the growth of this business.

3. House Painting

💰 Average Annual Income: $40,000 /year

House Painting

House painting is a profitable and promising business idea related to painting, which will bring you a stable income all year round. You need to have a good sense of colors and  hire some assistants to get the job done. Local advertising and marketing  along with referrals will bring you more business. On-time completion and perfection are the keywords for success in this business.

4. Graphic Designer

💰 Average Annual Income: $48,000 /year

Graphic Designer

You can start your business as a graphic designer, which is in high demand in the market. One needs to get professional training in graphic design in addition to painting skills.

It can serve different sectors such as movies, advertising, television, etc. as a graphic designer. designers. Your website, online marketing, and digital advertising will help you attract more customers to this business.

5. Greetings Card Making

💰 Average Annual Income: $52,000 /year

Greetings Card Making

Creating greeting cards is a lucrative painting-related business opportunity due to the constant demand for it. This business relies heavily on your creative skills and distribution network. Create greeting cards for any occasion and sell them to different shops. You can also sell tickets online. Well-planned marketing will help  your business grow.

6. Professional Painter

💰 Average Annual Income: $45,000 /year

Professional Painter

Growing your business as a professional painter is profitable and promising. You can sell your paintings to different exhibitions, art galleries, publications, offices, houses, etc. Professional artist paints fetch good prices and offer you a comfortable income. The business idea for painting needs a personal network, good contacts and advertising online and offline.

7. Face Painting

💰 Average Annual Income: $35,000 /year

Face Painting

The art of makeup is a specialized art. If you have experience and knowledge of painting faces, this skill can net you a good amount of money. See our makeup store article for more information.

8. Start a Painting-Related Blog

💰 Average Annual Income: $40,000 to $50,000 /year

Start a Painting Related Blog

If you are a painter and passionate about writing, blogging about painting can be a good opportunity to make money. You can also sell your images through your blog.

9. Art Restoration

💰 Average Annual Income: $25,000 to $35,000 /year

Art Restoration

The restoration of antique and historical art  is a valuable and sought-after service that can be a profitable painting-related business idea for you. As a painter, you can do this job clearly and efficiently. You need to network with government agencies or catering service providers to do business in this sector. In addition, well-planned advertising for your service is  important.

10. Illustrator

💰 Average Annual Income: $50,000 /year


As a painter, you can start your illustration business  for various publications such as magazines, books, newspapers and web publications. This painting related business idea will bring you good income. Marketing your service will help you bring more clients to your illustration business.

11. Create Online Courses on Painting

💰 Average Annual Income: $30,000 /year

Create Online Courses on Painting

There is a great demand for painting courses online. One can create online courses for students on  various aspects of art. For more information, see our article on creating an online course.

12. Creative Painting Consultant

💰 Average Annual Income: $60,000 /year

Creative Painting Consultant

Creative consultants are in high demand in various sectors such as drama, film, etc. One can start his business as a creative consultant and earn a comfortable income. Due to the high demand, this print-related business can generate high returns. However, you  need a well-planned marketing network, website, and digital ads to grow your business.

13. Mural Artist

💰 Average Annual Income: $45,000 /year

Mural Artist

Wall painters are in high demand for the interior decoration of large and small buildings and homes. If you have the ability and confidence in mural painting, you can start your  mural painting consulting business for different categories of customers. This painting-related business idea is  profitable because mural painters receive large payouts. Your contact, referrals, word of  mouth  and marketing will bring you more customers.

14. Textile Designer

💰 Average Annual Income: $58,000 /year

Textile Designer

If you are a good painter and know about textile designing then you can start your business as a textile designer. You have to draw different types of designs and patterns on fabrics that are used for different purposes. This business idea based on painting relies heavily on your creativity paired with good contacts in the textile industry. Your website  designs, online and offline marketing is very important for the growth of this business.

15. Tattoo Artist

💰 Average Annual Income: $82,000 /year

Tattoo Artist

The tattoo is very popular, especially among the younger generation, celebrities, etc. You can start a business as a tattoo artist after learning the process of making tattoos with the help of piercings. This painting related business idea gives you many income opportunities in various tattoo parlors, salons, etc. You can also open your own tattoo parlor. Good marketing networks and social media promotion will bring you many customers.

16. Industrial Painting

💰 Average Annual Income: $40,000 /year

Industrial Painting

Industrial portray isn’t the same as residence portray because it desires many shielding solvents to be used. You can begin this commercial enterprise after getting to know the info of commercial portrayals. There are numerous ki9nds of commercial portrayals and this printing-associated commercial enterprise concept offers you accurate profit. Online and offline advertising and marketing and exclusive varieties of promotional sports are wanted for the boom of this commercial enterprise.

17. Wallpaper Designing

💰 Average Annual Income: $64,000 /year

Wallpaper Designing

Wallpapers of various designs, colors and patterns are available in the market and are in great demand. So, as a painter, you can start this print related business idea and make huge profits.

You must have a good feel for layouts. and colors. Selling your finished product is an important aspect of this business. Good contact with architectural offices, construction companies and interior designers helps with sales.

Online and offline marketing is also important.

18. Online Painting Shop

💰 Average Annual Income: $35,000 /year

Online Painting Shop

If you are a professional painter, you can open your online shop to sell paintings. It is a very popular  business idea related to painting, as a large number of buyers prefer to buy things digitally. You need your website, digital marketing and social media advertising to increase sales.

19. Painting Teacher in Schools

💰 Average Annual Income: $54,000 /year

Painting Teacher in Schools

Working as a painting teacher in schools is a profitable and stable  business idea related to painting. Painting teachers are used regularly in schools  and you can get an appointment with regular contact with schools. Working as a painting or art teacher in different schools will bring you more income. Local networks are important to get a job.

20. Painting School

💰 Average Annual Income: $56,000 /year

Painting School

As a painter, you can set up your painting school or training center and teach students of different ages. This is a lucrative painting-related business idea that can earn you a comfortable income as the number of your students increases. Local networks and public relations are very important to attract more students to your painting school. You can also decide to start an online painting school.

21. Calligraphy

💰 Average Annual Income: $60,000 /year


Calligraphy is a high-level creative writing skill that is in high demand on cards, posters, etc. If you have calligraphic skills, you can start your business by providing calligraphic services to various clients for a good fee. The business idea needs good contact and networking  as well as local and social media campaigns.

22. Vehicle Painting

💰 Average Annual Income: $43,000 /year

Vehicle Painting

Vehicle painting is a common painting business idea that can bring you a good income. You can open your shop to get the work done or you can opt for a mobile shop from where you  visit your client’s place to paint. Extensive local marketing is important to get more business.

23. Airplane Painting

💰 Average Annual Income: $48,000 /year

Airplane Painting

Aircraft painting is also a profitable  business idea related to painting. You can start this business after learning about aircraft painting and the types of paint used. A good network of contacts with airlines and airline maintenance companies will enable you to do more business. Therefore, you need to invest in well-planned marketing.

24. Glass Painting

💰 Average Annual Income: $74,000 /year

Glass Painting

Paintings on glass are in high demand for decorative purposes. You can open your stained glass or etching business and sell the painting to customers. Applying paintings to glass  is also an inexpensive option. This business idea around painting needs a lot of advertising both online 

25. Art Director

💰 Average Annual Income: $130,000 /year

Art Director

Art directors play an important role in films, plays, commercials, etc. They visualize the entire stage and suggest the props to be used. You can start your business as an art director and get high pay for each task. This painter-related business idea requires good contact with the  world of cinema and advertising agencies. Apart from that, you need to do a lot of marketing and advertising to get jobs.

26. Graffiti Design

💰 Average Annual Income: $48,000 /year

Graffiti Design

Graffiti design is a very profitable business idea related to painting. You can serve a variety of customers in this store by creating graffiti of different types. Good contacts, marketing and promotional activities are required to grow this business offline.

27. Landscape Design

💰 Average Annual Income: $63,000 /year

Landscape Design

Landscaping is a profitable  business idea related to painting. You can start this business and serve a variety of clients such as industrial complexes, residential complexes or private garden owners. Your aesthetic flair plays an important role along with local marketing, outreach and referrals. important role in growing your business.

Of course, if painting is your talent or specialty, there are other benefits to starting a painting-related business. Even if you are not a trained painter, there are many painting business ideas that can be started in no time by acquiring the necessary skills.

28. Art Critic

💰 Average Annual Income: $25,000 to $40,000 /year

Art Critic

Art critics play an important role in making an artist famous or not. You can start your business as a freelance art critic and earn a good commission income. This painter-related business idea requires a good understanding. Painting and sculpting, and regular exposure to print and digital media, magazines, art galleries, etc. To make a good living, you need to make a name for yourself as an art critic.

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