25 Best Vending Machine Business Ideas

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Vending machines are profitable from a business person’s point of view. There are many vending machine business ideas that you can start.

How much money can you make from a vending machine?

You can make more than $300 per month which is more than $3,600 per year.

Different types of vending machines sell a variety of things. You should research the demand for the merchandise in your area and adopt the vending machine business idea accordingly. One of the most important aspects of a vending machine business idea is the location of the machine. You need to place the vending machine in a place where there are many potential customers. Try to innovate when adopting a vending machine business idea.

There are many innovative ideas regarding vending machines. You can achieve higher profits if you choose the right  vending machine.

25 Vending Machine Business Ideas

1. Soda Vending Machine

Price of 1 soda = $0.76 to $0.95

Soda Vending Machine

Beverage dispenser is a common vending machine business idea, but it’s still profitable. You can start this business which has a good market in crowded places as well as outdoor restaurants or grocery stores. Position the  vending machine away from competitors. for  better profit.

2. Juice Vending Machine

Price of 1 Juice = $2.73 to $3.48

Juice Vending Machine

People of all ages generally like juice. Therefore, a juice  machine can be a profitable  business idea for you. Depending on local demand, you can sell juice jars or tetrapacks/juice cans. .Try to cooperate with a famous brand to get more customers. Selling juice is one of the most profitable vending machine business ideas around the world.

3. Grocery Vending

Grocery Vending

Although we visit grocery stores regularly, we often need certain foods on a regular basis. Therefore, food vending machines can be a good use for a vending machine business idea. These machines are  in high demand outside of offices, markets, universities or dormitories.

4. Cosmetics Vending Machine

Price of Cosmetics = $0.95 to $10

Cosmetics Vending Machine

Cosmetics are in high demand all year round. Therefore, a cosmetics vending machine is a good vending machine business idea. Partnering with a reputable company to sell your products is a profitable business idea for you. Build your niche by selling selected cosmetics like lipstick, nail colours or eye makeup. Set up your vending machine  where a lot of women regularly come by.

5. Beer Can Vending Machine

Price of 1 Beer Can = $4.75

Beer Can Vending Machine

Selling beer cans is one of the most lucrative vending machine business ideas as it is in high demand among people of all ages. Set it up in a crowded place but make sure there are no competitors around your location. Working with a reputable manufacturer will make your business more profitable.

6. Vend Cigarettes

Price of 1 cigarette Pack = $6.65

Vend Cigarettes

Cigarette vending machines are a common but profitable vending machine business idea. You can run this business and expect a good return. Busy places, highways, shopping centers and offices are good locations for this vending machine.

7. Vend Books

Price of Books = $13.95 to $17.95

Vend Books

Book lovers prefer to buy books through vending machines to work hassle-free. Place the vending machine in shopping malls, outside of colleges or universities, etc. You earn a nice commission when you sell books through vending machines.

8. Event Tickets Vending Machine

Event Tickets Vending Machine

Event ticket vending machines are a good vending machine business idea. Sell ​​tickets for various events such as plays, dances, films, exhibitions, etc. They can be placed in various areas of a town or city, especially outside of theaters or auditoriums. 

9. Greeting Cards Vending Machine

Price of Greetings card = $2 to $4

Greeting Cards Vending Machine

Greeting card vending machines can bring you a comfortable income as it is a good vending machine business idea. a good sale during festival season.

10. Bus and Train Ticket Vending Machine

Price of 1 Train Ticket = $20 to $400 (depends on distance)

Bus and train tickets that are sold at machines are a lucrative business idea for you and bring you a comfortable income. People like to buy tickets through vending machines. You can sell different types of train tickets and tourist bus tickets as well as long-distance bus tickets through your vending machine. Offices, schools, universities, etc. are good places for this vending machine business idea.

11. Vend Baby Products

Baby Products vending machine

Selling baby products such as wet wipes, diapers or packaged food is a very good business idea for vending machines. You can start this business with an item or two at first. Set up the vending machine in places such as shopping malls, supermarkets, kindergartens, kindergartens, kindergartens, etc.

12. Popcorn Vending Machine

Price of 1 Popcorn (Small) = $6.09 to $7.09

Price of 1 Popcorn (Medium) = $7.10 to $8.09

Price of 1 Popcorn (Large) = $8.10 to $9.09

Popcorn Vending Machine

Popcorn is an evergreen snack  that has been in constant demand over the years. So you can get started with this all day hot popcorn vending machine business. Buy a good vending machine and, if possible, associate some big names for better sales.

13. Milk Vending Machine

Price of 1 Milk = $4.41 to $4.36

Milk Vending Machine

Dairy vending machines have become very popular in recent years, making them a good vending  business idea. Packed in bags or tetra packs can be your choice for this business. It’s in high demand outside of hostels, universities, malls, etc.

14. Stationery

Price of 1 Milk = $1 to $2


Stationery such as pens, notebooks, erasers, pencils are sold very well through a vending machine. Start this vending machine business idea by keeping your stationery vending machine away from schools, colleges, daycares, etc.

15. Birth Control Items Vending

Price = $2 to $6

Birth Control Items Vending

Contraceptives such as condoms, pills or lubricants can be good items to sell through vending machines. These items which are must-have items are in high demand throughout the day hence a very profitable vending machine business idea for you. Sell ​​these branded items  to get more customers.

16. Baguettes Vending Machine

Price of 1 Baguette = $3

Baguettes Vending Machine

Selling fresh baguettes through vending machines is a lucrative business opportunity for you. Many advanced vending machines make excellent baguettes very quickly. Gather relevant information about the machines and their specifications before committing to this vending machine business idea. In shopping malls, schools, offices, highways, etc.

17. Vend T-Shirts

Price of 1 T-shirt = $20 to $30

Vend T-Shirts

This is a great vending machine business idea for you. T-shirts are an all-time favourite casual wear for people of all genders and ages. Sell ​​t-shirts in different sizes and variants at moderate prices to attract more customers.

18. Automobile Parts Vending

Price of 1 Screwdriver = $10 to $30

Automobile Parts Vending

Auto parts are necessary items that are in constant demand. So, you can sell auto parts by  vending machine and make a good profit with this vending machine business idea. You can place these  machines outside of garages, in condominiums, on roadways, etc.

19. Flip Flops Vending

Price of 1 pair of Flip Flop = $13.90 to $17

Flip Flops Vending

Selling flip flops is a good profitable vending machine business idea. Flip flops are necessary items and you can hit a nice win with your flip flop machine. It’s a hit everywhere, including markets, malls, outside universities, etc.

20. Lingerie Vending Machine

Price of 1 Lingerie = $7.15 to $13.4

Lingerie Vending Machine

Lingerie vending machines are gaining popularity as vending machines. Many people prefer to shop for their underwear this way. You can start this business with a partnership with a well-known brand. Places such as markets, housing estates, shopping arcades, etc.

21. Battery

Price of 1 Battery = $14 to $23

Battery vending machine

A lot of things  in our homes these days run on batteries. Despite this, we often forget to buy them. Start your vending  business by selling batteries. Keep supplies of different battery types on hand and little by little you will have a customer base. Schools, universities, offices, highways are suitable locations for this business.

22. Mobile Accessories (Charger, Headphone)

Price of 1 USB Cable = $7.99 to $14.99

Mobile Accessories vending machine

We regularly neglect our cellular add-ons and want them immediately at the go. That is why cellular add-ons are a very good merchandising device commercial enterprise idea. You can promote chargers, electricity banks, headphones, Bluetooth, cellular covers, and so on with the aid of using your merchandising device. It could be very worthwhile with the intention to locate the machines out of doors offices, colleges, and so on.

23. Live Bait

Price of 1 Bait = $0.25

Live Bait

Live baits are a must for all anglers and they are always looking for the best bait like worms or insects. Starting a live bait vending machine  is indeed a very innovative vending machine business idea. Set up your vending machine near lakes, bodies of water, fishing grounds and coastal areas for a nice win. Good vending machines, proper monitoring and maintenance, and the right location will make any vending machine business idea a surefire success for you.

24. Vend Health Care Items

Price of 1 First Aid Box = $20 to $50

Vend Health Care Items

At any time of the day you may need health items such as medicines, first aid supplies and more. Start your healthcare vending machine and keep it open 24/7 for maximum sales. Selling these essential items is a very profitable vending machine business idea. You can place it in various places including streets, highways, universities, offices, etc.

25. Gold Bars

Price of Gold Bullion Bar 1 Ounce = $1,751.30

gold bars vending

Gold ATMs are the new concept in  vending machines. Many people are now buying gold bars of various sizes through these vending machines. You have just started your journey and  can drive this new concept in your region.

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