20 Best Photography Business Ideas

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1. Fashion Photography

💰 Average Annual Income: $48,000 /year

Fashion Photography Business idea

Fashion photography is one of the most popular commercial photography businesses.

Photos are used for a variety of purposes: selling clothes (catalogs, websites), telling stories (editorial) and promoting a fashion brand (advertising).

2. Online Photo Selling

💰 Average Annual Income: $10,000 /year

Online Photo Selling Business

A professional photographer or someone who is passionate about photography can start a business that sells photos online. The business is simply creating great photos and making money by uploading them to photo selling sites.

3. Real Estate Photography

💰 Average Annual Income: $50,000 to $150,000 /year

Real Estate Photography Business

When photographs are taken for a  listing of properties that a real estate agent will be selling in the real estate market, it is called real estate photography. Post-processing software plays an important role in  real estate photography. It is ahead of the competition with some of its services. It also allows you to work for tech-savvy clients who are  hungry for the latest technologies.

4. Wedding Videography

💰 Average Annual Income: $120,000 /year

Wedding Videography business

The call for good-fine wedding ceremony videography or pictures is growing rapidly. Clients are couples looking for photographic documentation. There are many one of a kind varieties of videography or pictures couples seek, from photojournalistic to editorial.

Establish a courting with neighborhood wedding ceremony-orientated vendors–florists,videographers, accommodations, bridal shops, caterers, and u.s. clubs, bakeries and cake decorators, jewelers, and musicians.

5. Photography Training Institute

💰 Average Annual Income: $150,000 /year (depends on number of students and your fees)

Photography education institute is one of the most profitable photography businesses for raising expert photographers.

Core principles like composition, color, exposure, light, shadow, file format, lens type, digital digicam type, and virtual or darkroom post-processing can be included in Photography courses.

Photography Training Institute Business

Photographers with qualifications can offer the education important in a photography education institute.

6. Drone Photography

💰 Average Annual Income: $50,000 /year

Drone Photography business

The application of drones for photography needs is increasing. More and more industries are turning to drones for one reason or another. Once you  master the art of maneuvering drones, there is great potential to make big bucks. as a drone photographer.

7. Photography Studio

💰 Average Annual Income: $90,000 to 120,000 /year

Photography Studio Business

Actually, a photo studio is a profitable retail business in the photography industry. Also, the business is perfect for both men and women entrepreneurs. However, the business requires a moderate capital investment.

8. Wildlife Photography

💰 Average Annual Income: $10,000 to 220,000 /year

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife pictures is a style of pictures concerned with documenting numerous varieties of the natural world in its herbal habitat. It is one of the hardest varieties of pictures.

To prevail as an expert natural world photographer you want to be technically competent. This is one of the most worthwhile pictures of commercial enterprise thoughts for aspiring photographers.

9. Create Photo Gift Items

💰 Average Annual Income: $10,000 /year

The gift industry has grown in recent decades. Some of the most popular photo gifts that are  widely available today include mugs, photo frames, cufflinks, tote bags, polaroid magnets, mouse pads, t-shirts, etc. If you are a photographer and interested in the gifts industry, you can start creating photo gifts that are sure to make a good profit.

Create Photo Gift Items Business

The photo industry today offers many new business opportunities. The most important part of starting a photography related business is choosing the right niche based on your interests and skills. Services like photo editing and drone photography are some examples of new sectors emerging in the photography industry.

10. Commercial Photography

💰 Average Annual Income: $80,000 /year

Commercial Photography Business

Advertising and video photography is always in demand. People with experience in still and video photography can start this business. This is one of the most profitable photography business ideas that requires comparatively less equipment.

11. Become a Photo Blogger

💰 Average Annual Income: $35,000 to 50,000 /year

Become a Photo Blogger

There are many photographers who make a lot of money from photo blogs. In your Blog you can sell Photos and photography-related products, sell tutorials, or run ads.

12. Digital Photo Printing

💰 Average Annual Income: $30,000 /year

Digital Photo Printing Business

If you are not a professional photographer, you can also start a business in the photography industry. With a high-quality digital printing device, a computer and a scanner, you can start a digital photo printing service for  photographers and individuals.

13. Pet Photography

💰 Average Annual Income: $38,000 /year

Pet Photography Business

Animal Photography is a good business for animal lovers with artistic skills. Also, pet photography is a  super fun and fast growing genre of photography. All owners of dogs, cats, reptiles, birds and fish can  be your potential customers. An animal-loving attitude with a well-appointed presentation is crucial in this business.

14. Photograph Restoration

💰 Average Annual Income: $10,000 /year

Photograph restoration with a digital repair service is a profitable business. Make sure you have photo restoration skills before you start. A good quality scanner, computer, and photo restoration software will enable you to start a business. You can start this business as home-based.

Photograph Restoration Business

Photograph restoration along with a digital repair service is a profitable business. Make sure you have photo restoration skills before you start. A good quality computer, scanner, and photo restoration software will enable you to start a business. You can start this business as home-based.

15. Photojournalist

💰 Average Annual Income: $38,000 to 50,000 /year


Photojournalism is a competitive business controlled by editors, who are often overworked and involve a degree of subjectivity. Pursuing a career through a degree in this field is often the best course of action. Photojournalism is the visual documentation of what is happening around us.

16. Portrait Photography

💰 Average Annual Income: $37,000 /year

Portrait Photography Business

There are two ways to start a portrait photography business. One is from the retail studio. The other is to run your business from home and offer the service on mobile. Local and online classifieds are the best places to advertise your portrait. Photography Shop.

17. Underwater Photography

💰 Average Annual Income: $50,000 /year

Underwater photography is a specialised sort of photography which is famous for scuba divers, browsing photographers and snorkelers. However, because of the multiplied availability of low-cost virtual cameras and underwater housings, all of us can partake in underwater images today.

Underwater Photography

The equal is going for underwater videos. The first actual aspect to maintain in thoughts is that the muse of underwater images is right in-water skills.

18. Sports Photography

💰 Average Annual Income: $30,000 to 57,000 /year

The primary software of expert sports activities images is for editorial functions; devoted sports activities photographers generally paintings for newspapers, fundamental twine agencies, or devoted sports activities magazines.

Sports Photography

However, sports activities images are likewise used for marketing and marketing functions each to construct an emblem and in addition to sell a game in a manner that can not be executed through editorial means.

19. Celebrity Photographer

💰 Average Annual Income: $30,000 to 75,000 /year

Celebrity Photographer

Celebrity photography is a branch of photojournalism that focuses on celebrities from the worlds of art, sports and sometimes politics. There are three main types of celebrity photography used by magazines and newspapers: event photography, celebrity portraits and paparazzi.

20. Create and Sell Online Photography Courses

💰 Average Annual Income: $80,000 to 150,000 /year

Create and Sell Online Photography Courses

Many people search the internet for photography tutorials. You can choose a specific photography niche and create online courses for students.

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