20 Best Architecture Business Ideas

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Are you an architect? I want to start a company in the field of architecture. If so, here is a list of the most popular and profitable architecture business ideas that fit your educational background.

How much money can you make from Architecture businesses?

You can make $50,000 to more than $100,000 depending on the business.

Architecture itself is a broad field. And it definitely includes a wide range of activities that offer tremendous opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. The real estate industry is currently booming in general. And according to industry experts, the demand for the different types of integrated architecture services will increase rapidly. Therefore, it is high time to start a business in this lucrative field.

List of 20 Architecture Business Ideas

1. Building Design

💰 Average Annual Income: $65,000 /year

Building Design

Real estate developers are always looking for building designers. This is one of the most common services you can provide as an architect. And nowadays there are many software solutions that you can use to develop different building designs.

2. Property Development

💰 Average Annual Income: $65,000 /year

Property Development

In general, real estate development encompasses a wide range of activities. This may include the purchase of land, the development of facilities and buildings to meet customer requirements. In addition, it includes  the sale or lease of the property’s land after completion. In addition to residential projects, it can also be used for industrial areas, commercial areas, warehouses, logistics distribution centers and office buildings. Needless to say, real estate development is one of the most popular architecture business ideas around the world.

3. Interior Designing

💰 Average Annual Income: $62,000 /year

Interior Designing

Nowadays, people are investing more in interior design for both residential and commercial purposes. If you’re good at providing value-based interior design suggestions, try offering this service to your clients.

4. Industrial Designer

💰 Average Annual Income: $69,000 /year

Industrial Designer

Industrial designers are typically specialized individuals who create designs for manufactured products. In most cases, they design various types of cars, home appliances, electronics, and toys. In addition, his work is closely linked to the research and development of  new products that are effective.

5. Architectural Blog

💰 Average Annual Income: $40,000 to $50,000 /year

Architectural Blog

Nowadays the blog is one of the most powerful platforms to communicate with the audience and exchange ideas. Anyone with experience and knowledge of architecture can start a blog. A blog where you can share information, tips, and thoughts that are beneficial to your audience. And there are literally multiple ways to make big bucks from blogging.

6. Architecture Consultant

💰 Average Annual Income: $72,000 /year

Architecture Consultant

Architecture consulting is usually a highly specialized job. And these consultants carry out extensive activities  from planning to design to implementation. In addition, you must purchase a specific license to operate an architecture consulting business. Consulting services are among the most lucrative  business opportunities for small architectures.

7. 3D Modeling Service

💰 Average Annual Income: $54,000 /year

3D Modeling Service

Today architectures use 3D modeling to prepare the model for an upcoming project. And it helps  reduce the cost of creating a project model as an object. If you have a background in architecture, you can only consider starting this company.

8. Building Condition Audits

💰 Average Annual Income: $61,000 /year

Building Condition Audits

This is also a great opportunity in the architecture industry. Generally, building condition audits provide  inspection reports to customers. They identify deficiencies and code violations  through a visual and thorough material assessment of assets in public areas of the building. And it helps  property owners properly identify  maintenance work.

9. Bathtub Reglazing

💰 Average Annual Income: $41,000 /year

Bathtub Reglazing

Refinishing bathtubs is basically a permanent business. People need this kind of service very often. So if you can properly market your service  in your local area, you will surely get orders on a regular basis. Anyone can start this business either part-time or full-time. So if you already have a job, you can also consider this opportunity.

10. Bidding and Negotiation

💰 Average Annual Income: $60,000 /year

Bidding and Negotiation

Your architect can advise you on the choice of contractor, which is usually done by soliciting competitive bids. Your architect will help you evaluate the bids and select the contractor, and prepare the contract between you and the contractor.

11. Construction Documents Controller

💰 Average Annual Income: $50,000 /year

Construction Documents

Once the design concepts are established, the architect creates the working drawings and specifications. These are necessary to obtain building permits and bids and to guide the contractor.

12. Feasibility Studies

Consulting Analyst: $56,000 /year

Estimating Engineer: $61,000 /year

Applications Engineer: $69,000 /year

Land Entitlement Manager: $80,000 /year

Product Engineering Manager: $88,000 /year

Real Estate Development Manager: $95,000 /year

Infrastructure Analyst: $100,000 /year

Feasibility Studies

Providing a feasibility study report is a very knowledge-based matter. And if you are an expert, you can start this business from home. In general, companies look for this type of service to analyze large and complex projects.

13. Kitchen Designing

💰 Average Annual Income: $37,000 /year to $51,000

Kitchen Designing

It’s actually a niche opportunity in the field of architecture. A modern kitchen is an essential part of a well-designed home. In fact, for some people, the kitchen will be the most important room in the house. Quality restaurants are always looking for a kitchen designer who can create an effective design for their kitchen space. So if you are an expert in this field, you may consider starting this company.

14. HVAC System Consulting

💰 Average Annual Income: $59,000 /year

HVAC System Consulting

Abbreviation for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The system is used to heat and cool buildings. HVAC systems have become the required industry standard for  new building construction. Before the creation of this system, the three elements were usually divided among three or more devices.

15. Green Architecture Firm

💰 Average Annual Income: $96,000 /year

Green Architecture Firm

Today, green architecture or sustainable architecture is very popular in both  developing and developed countries. In green architecture, architects offer design and construction with the environment in mind. Basically, they work with the key concepts of energy production. efficient and respectful house with the environment.

16. Illumination Design

💰 Average Annual Income: $45,000 to $65,000 /year

Illumination Design

Architects can provide valuable insight into the lighting design process of indoor and outdoor lighting systems, both electric and natural light.

17. Project Inception Consulting Services

💰 Average Annual Income: $90,000 /year

Project Inception Consulting Services

Planning your project starts here. In collaboration with your architect, you share the needs, dreams and goals of your project.

18. Paving Consulting

💰 Average Annual Income: $41,000 /year

Paving Consulting

With the right skills and a proper business plan, anyone with experience can start a paving consulting business with a modest capital investment. The most interesting aspect of this business is that you can start the business by having some of your own devices and others under contract. This business can also be run from home.

19. Landscape Design

💰 Average Annual Income: $63,000 /year

Landscape Design

Landscaping is more about art than science. The concept of landscape design revolves around modifying urban areas to make them more practical and aesthetic. As a landscape designer, you should offer garden designs that have the plant as the focal point.

20. Urban Design & Masterplanning

💰 Average Annual Income: $78,000 /year

Urban Design & Masterplanning

As a city planner and general planner, you  provide consulting services for design and work planning in residential and urban development. In any case, starting this type of company in the field of architecture requires specific skills and advanced knowledge.

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